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Topstorm Technologies can provide complete website functionality using Ruby on Rails or PHP.

Database functionality can be implemented with MySQL, postgreSQL, or SQLite.


Topstorm Technologies can provide the software that drives your website.

  • Provide a shopping cart functionality integrated with online payment through credit card transactions, Paypal, Google Checkout, etc.
  • Provide integration with various shipping companies.
  • Provide an online account capability that allows your customers to register an account. Provide secure logins with SSL that can use customer credentials stored in your database or OpenID.
  • Provide mashup functionality with popular sites such as Flickr or Google Maps.
  • Provide an integrated search capability. Provide automatic site maps or cloud tags that update whenever new content is added to your site.
  • Provide dynamic capabilities such as forms that automatically fill with customer data.
  • Deploy an open source content management system such as Drupal, Joomla, or many others, that will allow you to manage your own content.
  • Analyze customer data to provide recommendations, track the popularity of products, etc. Incorporate Google Analytics, or other analytics service, to obtain even more visitor information.


Topstorm Technologies can provide expert HTML and CSS implementations. Ensuring that your website will look good in multiple browsers on multiple operating systems allows your website to reach the largest possible audience.

Not sure what your site will look like? There are many websites that provide Free Templates. Topstorm Technologies can provide the functionality to make it more than a pretty face.

Yes, we have also designed websites. Graphic art just isn't our specialty. Let us know what you need to have done, and we will tell you if we can handle it. Really, we are much better programmers.

How about a blog?

No one knows your business like you do. Why not talk about it. Having a company blog is one of the best advertisements that your company can have. A blog allows you to put a personal face on your company that will attract many long term customers.

There are many blogging applications to choose from, and Topstorm Technologies can integrate them into your website. We especially recommend the following.


Deployment and Hosting

A website is no good until it is actually on the web. Whether you have your own servers, or you have a hosting provider, Topstorm Technologies can insure that your site is deployed correctly.

We are expert Linux administrators with years of experience on Apache.

For Ruby on Rails, we can deploy your site using Fast CGI with Apache or lighttpd. We can also setup multiple instances of Mongrel using Apache or Pound as a load balancer and SSL filter.

If you need a hosting provider, Topstorm Technologies can do that too.


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