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With technology, there is no perfect solution. Along with the benefits, every technology can create problems as well. Finding the right solution for your company involves an honest assessment of your company's needs, and then choosing the right set of software for the job.

With the myriad of technologies available, this process can be daunting. In addition, these technologies are constantly changing at a dizzying rate. New features get added, and new problems arise. Software that seems secure today, may be vulnerable tomorrow.

Web technologies include JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and many more. Each technology has trade-offs. Some technologies can open security holes in your website if not used correctly. These security holes can be used to bring your site down, or they can allow an attacker to steal or corrupt customer data.

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day.

Which is why you need an expert.

Someone with the training and experience to select the appropriate technologies for your company. Someone who focuses solely on the technologies themselves, and is able to use these technologies effectively and correctly with an awareness of all of the latest vulnerabilities.

Having an expert allows you to focus on the things that matter most to you: Growing and managing your company. Secure in the knowledge that your website is in expert hands.

Server Side Technologies


As the name implies, server-side technologies exist on the web server or database server. Whether your company deploys and manages it's own servers, or uses a managed hosting company, there exists a wide variety of server-side technologies to choose from. The question is simply which of these technologies will be of most benefit to your company.

Topstorm Technologies can provide expert support with the technologies listed below throughout the entire software life-cycle. From the selection of technology, through the implementation and deployment of your website, to maintenance and support.

All of these technologies are well supported and freely available with open source code. Open source frees you from the oppression of burdensome software licenses that provide no benefit for your company. Software licenses are like paying rent for something you do not need.

With open source, you get high quality software along with the freedom to make the best decisions for your company instead of the company that sold it to you.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a complete web application framework that allows for rapid web application development using modern methodologies such as Agile development and Test Driven Development. Although fairly new to the scene, Ruby on Rails is fast becoming the framework of choice for building powerful web applications that are extensible, scalable, and maintainable.


PHP has long been the workhorse of the web. From it's humble beginnings as a Personal Home Page tool for it's inventor, Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP has evolved to become a mainstay of the Internet. Used by small websites and large enterprise frameworks the world over, PHP will continue to be a leader in the industry as it evolves to become faster and more dynamic.


Recently purchased by Sun Microsystems, MySQL has more than 11 million installations worldwide. It is supported by all major programming languages on multiple operating systems. Ruby on Rails and PHP both have excellent support for MySQL, and many blogs and content management systems, such as Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal, rely on it.

Client Side Technologies


Client side technologies, such as JavaScript, run in the browser, and are often used to provide a more dynamic experience for your customers.

These technologies can be more difficult to manage due to the wide variety of browser environments. Different browsers may have different implementations of JavaScript, for instance, and legacy browsers can add even more variety. In addition, client side technologies, may be vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks or other security problems.

Deploying these technologies effectively, requires a thorough understanding of the security problems and browser differences to allow your website to reach the largest possible audience.


JavaScript is an interpreted language that can run in the browser to add dynamic client side behavior to web pages. Although, a standard exists, some browser do not implement it correctly, and other browsers add their own extensions. As a business, you want your website to reach the maximum number of customers. Having JavaScript programs on a web page that fails to work with certain browsers can lose the customers who use those browsers. Implemented correctly, JavaScript can greatly enhance the user experience of your site.


Ajax is a JavaScript technology which allows the client software to create a communication channel to the server. With traditional web pages, whenever new information becomes available, the entire page must be refreshed. With Ajax, a JavaScript program running in the browser can retrieve the new information from the server, and simply add it to the page. This technology allows web applications to behave more like the applications that run on your desktop.


Prototype is a JavaScript framework that allows Ajax to be more easily integrated into a website. In addition, it provides other useful operations and helps with much of the cross-browser difficulties. Ruby on Rails has built in support for Prototype. is a Javascript library built on top of the Prototype framework. It provides a wide variety of visual effects that can be added to a web page. To see these effects in use, go to the website. Ruby on Rails also has built in support for


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